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Advance C26 Multi-Function Electric Pot With Steamer [Other Kitchen Appliances]

Rp. 189,999
Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 Pieces

Specification of Advance C26 Multi-Function Electric Pot With Steamer [Other Kitchen Appliances]

Advance C26 multifunction cooking With Steamer
High level stainless steel production, stable performance, safety, healthy, no smell
high thermal efficiency, rapid boil
high quality control, accurate, sensitive, anti-dry, multiple protection
26cm in diameter

Advance C26 Electric Heating Bowl is a multi-function cooking utensil consisting of a set of electric stoves with a pan and steamer and a glass pan lid.
Heat Control Multi Function Stainless Steel Kitchen Ware is equipped with a heat controller (thermostat control) which will automatically adjust the heat as desired. The power will be automatically cut off if the heat exceeds the desired.

Pot lidThe pot lid is made of glass making it easier to see and control the dishes inside. There is also a steam vent with a stainless steel ring.

Steamer (Tool Making Steamer) Makes it easy to heat or warm cakes, vegetables or other foods and can be made to cook rice by steaming

Practical and Easy to prepare your dishes faster with the Advance C26 Electric Multi-purpose Cooker which can be used for boiling & amp; cook. With an electric cooker, cooking is more evenly distributed, boiling and cooking can be done more quickly, efficiently, practically, saving energy and time.

Super Quality Material The stove with a stainless steel body looks elegant and shiny clean, easy to care for and hygienic, a stainless steel pan with a heat-resistant handle and a pot lid made of heat-resistant glass with a stainless steel ring encircled. Thus, making the Advance C26 Multi-Function Electric Pot a cooking utensil with cutting edge technology, is strong and durable.

Can Be Used Advance C26 This Multi-Function Electric Pot is very much needed for use in offices, kiosks / shops / stalls, boarding houses, safe to use in rooms for various purposes such as cooking rice, heating food, cooking noodles / water, boiling food, etc.
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