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Bolde Super Hoover Cyclone Black Series Vacuum Cleaner Xtra Boost New Edition

Rp. 399,999
Last Updated
24 May 2023
Country Origin
Minimum Order
1 Pieces

The most complete feature compared to other Vacum Cleaner products

Made of high quality ABS material

Very sophisticated & environment friendly

Has the ability to filter 99.97% of micro particles

HEPA Filter

Tight Straws

Easy to clean

Reach all corners of the room


- The latest type of eco cyclone technology 2 in 1 can function as a vacuum cleaner & dryer.

- Equipped with HEPA FILTER which guarantees that the dust particles will not be scattered again.

- There are 3 mainstay filter layers. The 1st filter, rust-free plastic & easy to clean is in the air inlet. The second hepa dilayer filter is to trap all particles by 0.3 microns so that small ticks, dust and allergens can be detained therein. And finally the filter sponge at the outlet air outlet.

- Provided 6 types of vacuum heads (1 pc crevice noozle, 2 pcs extension tube, 1 pc hose, 1 pc rotation brush, 1 pc bed brush, 1 pc floor brush) which can be changed according to your needs such as floor vacuum, round brush, brush for beds, suction tools for gaps and additional pipes to extend the range.

- Additional 1 pc hose for dryer (dryer).

- Without the need to carry because there is also provided a body strap for use to hang the unit on the body when cleaning.

- With an electric power of 350 W, the vacuum cleaner motor works with turbo power.

- Auto shutdown Over Heating Protection protects the motor vacuum cleaner from damage due to excessive heat loads.

- 5 meter cable length.

- Package weight: 3 kg.


Power: 350 Watt.

220 volts.

Vacum Power: 18 KPA.

Airflow: 1 - 1.5.

Nos Level: 78 d8A.

Suction Power: 150 Watt.

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