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Kangaroo KG872 Steamer Pot Steamed Pot

Rp. 485,000
Last Updated
24 May 2023
Minimum Order
1 pcs

Kangaroo KG872 5 layers of premium with a diameter of up to 26 cm makes it easy to prepare steamed dishes from various foods such as chicken, seafood, vegetables, bulbs or interesting cakes with large volumes.

High quality stainless steel 304

The Kangaroo KG872 stainless steel autoclave is made of high grade 304 stainless steel which has the anti-corrosion effect of most oxidizing acids, does not react with alkalis and acids in cooked food, vegetables, and hygiene. full of food.

There is a water line

The inside of the pan has a waterline, which makes it convenient to fill water according to the type of food used.

Thick glass cover

The pan is equipped with a thick and heat resistant glass cover, convenient for viewing food processing, and has ventilation to help prevent spills when boiling.

Nano technology

The pot uses Nano technology to make the pot surface hard and scratch resistant, ensuring the pot is always shiny.

5 layers under pot technology

Subordinate with 5 underlay technology (advanced stainless steel, pure aluminum, metal, pure aluminum, Inox 430 helps heat transfer quickly, keeps heat well and saves energy.

Insulated handle

Gold-plated handle protects, increases safety, comfort when cooking.

Comfortable steaming blister

The pan is equipped with a steamer with plenty of ventilation to help cook food evenly.

Can be used for all types of kitchens

Kangaroo KG872 high grade stainless steel autoclave can be used on magnetic stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, infrared stoves and halogen stoves which are very convenient for users.

Easy to clean

After each use, allow the pan to cool before washing.

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