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Kangaroo KG921 Marble Pan With Induction Pads Measuring 16 Cm

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12 Jul 2023
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1 Pieces
Fry Pan with marble layer from Kangaroo Allu Fry Pan 16 cm + Close - KG921 is specially designed with a very strong and impact resistant coating that is easy to clean after you use it. Has a handle that is easy and comfortable to hold. You can make meat stews, vegetable soup, vegetable capcay, and others using Kangaroo Allu Fry Pan 16 cm + Close - KG921. Accompanied by a lid that is equipped with a steam vent making it easier for you to see the state of food from the outside.

Diameter: 16 cm

Safe and healthy, environmentally friendly, and food-grade
Non sticky marble coating
Non-sticky coating and durable
Energy saving
Heat resistant and has a heat resistant handle
There is a steamer hole in the lid, making it easy for you to see the food is cooked or not without being blocked by steam from cooking

Size 16 "
A 16 inch pan is very compact and practical to use.
Granite non-stick pan coating surface is durable, saving cooking oil, easy to clean. The high density aluminum pan is 2.6 mm thick which can retain heat for food.

Glass cover
The pan lid is made of transparent glass, easy to observe food inside and easy to clean after use.

Aluminum Bottom Pot
Pot is made of aluminum, heat transfer is faster and heat dissipation is, as if anti-fouling paint. Bottom of the pan with magnetic stainless steel, used to help pan from the stove. Can be used for gas stoves, induction stoves, haligen stoves and infrared stoves

Diameter: 16 cm

Product name: Kangaroo Allu Fry Pan
Type: 921
Material: Marble
Diameter: 16 cm
Dimensions (P x L x T): 45 x 26.6 x 5.2 cm
Weight: 2.25 Kg
Number of Fry Pan Layers: Consists of 3 layers
Scratch Resistant Coating: Tid
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