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Induction Cooker / Electric Stove Kangaroo KG421 Pot & Frypan Bonuses

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Induction Cooker / Electric Stove Kangaroo KG421 Pot & Frypan Bonuses

Induction cookers are sophisticated cookers that allow you to cook without a flame. Just press the button, place the cooking utensils, and you can cook easily and practically. The shape is also very unique and beautiful. Far different from the usual form of a gas stove.

Unlike ordinary stoves that rely on fire heat to ripen food, the induction cooker utilizes an electromagnetic reaction between the stove with cooking utensils. The reaction eventually produces heat that spreads in the cooking utensils and ripens your food evenly and faster than when you cook using an ordinary stove.

Effective and efficient

Cooking using an induction cooker will be more efficient, because the heat delivered is faster and evenly distributed, so the time you need to cook even shorter.


This induction cooker is very safe to use, because no fire is lit when used. So you can avoid unwanted things such as gas leaks or burns. And because there is no combustion process that occurs, oxygen levels in your kitchen will not decrease, so that the kitchen area is healthier.


In a way, this induction cooker is very practical. You don't need to bother to disassemble the gas cylinder plug. You also will not experience the name stove dies in the middle of the cooking process because the gas is depleted.

Proper temperature regulation

This is the most interesting part of the induction cooker, namely the heat temperature that can be adjusted according to taste, unlike the gas stove, the temperature can only be approximately according to the size of the fire. The temperature regulation can minimize the emptiness or over cook in food so you can cook with the desired level of maturity.

Beautiful and attractive

Induction cookers usually have a luxurious and elegant design and a thin shape, so they can beautify your kitchen.

Complementary features

Induction cookers are available in many features
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