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Midea AC120-150FB Water Cooler Equipped Room Deodorizers and place the Ice Tank 3 Litre

Rp. 1,500,000
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21 Sep 2021
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Air Cooler

Specification of Midea AC120-150FB Water Cooler Equipped Room Deodorizers and place the Ice Tank 3 Litre

Midea AIR CONDITIONING-12015FB Water Cooler water Cooler is portable, stylish design with 3 fan speed settings, 7 hours timers settings. Water cooler can be used as a fan, air purifier and humidifer. Midea 12015FB AIR CONDITIONING Water Cooler can also be used diruangan are open and easy to install.

Increase The Humidity

This machine has the function to add moisture to the air and can increase humidity and can increase rapidly kelembaba tanpa makes the skin dry.


Permurnian Anion

Moisturizing fresh air with air purification function of Anion make become more clean.

Cold Storage

With Crystal ice cold storage technology in the world, with a capacity of refrigeration cooling is great. Air cooling time is longer can be used repeatedly. The cold air produced by the fan 60 Watt, 1/20 smaller than a regular coolant engine power.

Save Energi, high efficiency, and environmentally friendly.


The Spread Of Extensive Air

The spacious air deployment, there are three levels (low, medium, high) speed selection.

Remote Control remote Jaraj

The Remote Control can be used within 6 meters and the angle of 120 ° from the unit's water cooler.

The Operation Marks The Sound Of Rapidly

Operation of the sound will sign memeberitahukan to the user quickly to the operations of keys and remote controls, easyused.


Power OFF Memory Function

When turning off the machine or power disconnected suddenly, work status at that point will be saved immediately, the machine will continue previous work status when revived.

Unique Scent Box

The user can put perfume, deodorizer, cotton in the box by absorbing the aromas issuing aroma deodorizer, and issued by air holes that will make the air in a room to be comfortable. (Not Including Perfume)

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