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Re Coocker Low Carbo Rice Cooker Low Sugar and Carbohydrate Rice Cooker

Rp. 2,380,000
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21 Sep 2021
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1 Pieces

Specification of Re Coocker Low Carbo Rice Cooker Low Sugar and Carbohydrate Rice Cooker

Re Coocker Low Carbo Low Sugar and Carbohydrate Rice Cooker

-Low Carbo Digital Rice Steamer
-Cooking in 5 stages
-Equipped with starch water container
-Full food grade 304 stainless steel pot
-Easy to use and SAVE ELECTRICITY
-Auto Magnetic Valve for removing starch water.
-Multifunction: for cooking rice, porridge, soup, steaming, etc.
Features cooking white rice and low-sugar brown rice

ReCooker Low Carbo Rice Streamer

This product is equipped with 2 304 Stainless Food full grade pans for healthy cooking.

Specially designed with automatic valve Auto Magnetic Valve to remove Tajin water so as to reduce the levels of starch / carbohydrate starch and sugar in rice.

This product is suitable for patients with prediabetes, diabetes and healthy people who want to diet to reduce carbohydrate and sugar levels when consuming rice.

ReCooker Low Carbo cooking rice naturally lowers glycemic levels. High glycemic load in the body can cause sugar disease. Therefore it is highly recommended by Nutritionists to eat low glycemic carbohydrates for better health.

ReCooker Low Carbo Menu Button
1. Rice Menu: Cook low carbo rice with white rice.
2. Red Rice: Cook low carbo rice with high-fiber brown rice.
3. Re-steaming: The menu is to re-steam cooked rice that has cooled.
4. Steamed: Steamed Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Fish, Chicken, Pepes, etc.
5. Soup / Porridge: Cook Soup and Porridge (Rice, Mung Beans, Black Sticky Rice, Jali Porridge, etc.).
6. + Button: Adds a predefined cooking time setting, if you want a softer rice.

Healthy life starts with healthy food

Specifications of ReCooker Low Carbo Rice Steamer
Model: RCL-04
Electric Power: 750W
Voltage: 220V-240 / 50Hz
Net Weight: 4.8kg
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