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Winn Gas W-1A Portable Cans Gas Stove 1 Furnace [Other Kitchen Appliances]

Rp. 275,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Minimum Order
1 Pieces

Specification of Winn Gas W-1A Portable Cans Gas Stove 1 Furnace [Other Kitchen Appliances]

Description of the W-1A portable gas winn stove

1. Standard SNI

2. Portable

3. Safe to use

4. Winshield

5. Non-stick

6. Using a small tin tube

7. Can be a hard case, for easy portability


Product details of Winn Gas W-1A Portable Gas Stove Portable Gas Stove


WINN GAS 1A Portable Gas Stove is a 1 burner gas stove, a quality gas stove from WINN GAS.

With 1 stove you can adjust the size of the fire according to your cooking needs.



WINN GASS 1A with a charming color finishing design makes your kitchen look more modern and tidy,

suitable for those of you who pay attention to beauty. Besides paying attention to design, quality is also something that WINN GAS pays attention to.

The stove and materials from this gas stove are made from the best materials.


Easy to Clean

Often when you are cooking, the ingredients you are cooking spill or splash the stove, leaving dirty.

However, this stove is equipped with non-stickiness so that your stove is easy to clean.

Not only that, with a full Teflon body, of course, your stove will last longer.



This PORTABLE GAS STOVE can be used with canned gas (Butane Gas Cartridge).

WINN GAS 1A PORTABLE GAS STOVE is very safe and easy to carry traveling with family because it is equipped with a luggage bag.

Suitable for boarding houses, apartments, culinary events, cooking competitions, cooking demonstrations, or picnics.

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